Sylphis3d is a fully featured, cutting edge game engine designed to support all the latest next-gen features while still being easy to use. It supports all the features you'd expect from a professional level engine, such as dynamic lighting and shadows, GLSL Shaders, post processing, rigid body physics, skeletal animation, 3d sound, and more.

It is fully Python Scripted, so you can customize it to fit your particular needs without having to dive into any hard-core programming. Sylphis uses a specific implementation of Python called Stackless Python that allows for extremely fast execution speeds on a high number of game threads. For a full explanation of stackless python, click here.

Map editing in Sylphis is easy, with seamlessly integration with Quark, a complete and powerful opensource map editing tool. For modeling and animation, Sylphis comes with an exporter plugin for the extremely powerful, open source Blender.

The entire engine is licensed under the BSD license.

Interested? Why not download Sylphis and give it a try?