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Sylphis3D source is now available under the BSD license and lives on GitHub

Hello everybody,

I took the time to put the code up on GitHub for easier access, and also changed the license to the BSD license.

Now who going to be the hero to compile this on new machines? I will be looking forward for your pull requests!

Sylphis3D Source

The first game using Sylphis is here!

The first ever full game to be build utilising the Sylphis3D game engine is about to be released! Find out more here:



Sylphis has been Ohlohed! (Is that a verb? Can that be a verb? Hmm...)

For anyone who doesn't know, Ohloh is an online service that generates statistics of open source code. Percentage of languages, comments ratio, lines of code, etc. are all there. One of most entertaining features (entertains me, in any case) is the project cost estimation. It takes the number of lines of code and number of developers and guesses at the total cost of the project.


I just set up a bug tracker for the project. People should use that to report bugs now. The forums can still be used to discuss these bugs if necessary. This way we will have a more consistent way to progress with bug fixing.

Sylphis3D Bugtracker

The source is in the SVN

As the testing on Sylphis3D started to build momentum, the SVN repository starts to be needed. So I imported the source in the subversion repository at sourceforge. I'm going to start applying fixes to that as they become available, so use a svn client to be in sync!


The Sylphis3d documentation is very much a work in progress. Up until this point, little at all has been done to to document the engine at all, in fact. However, now that Sylphis has been released as open source software the interest --and ability, for that matter- in writing a complete and easy-to-understand learning path will hopefully grow with the size of the community.

Expect this page to expand in the coming weeks with, at the very least, basic instructions on how to compile, install, and run Sylphis.

Open Source Release

The wait is over! Sylphis3D is officially released under the GNU GPL ver.2 (with the classpath exception for those that need closed source solutions). The engine weights at around 45000 lines of source code written in C++ and Python.

The source code can be obtained from the download page of the sourceforge.net project page. Latter on the source will be added to the subversion repository for easier access.

New site up!


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